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We propose to discover or rediscover objects of first art and religious art ... The objects proposed are coming from Ethiopia.
Objects witnessing cultures and distant beliefs: Ethiopian crosses and icons, objects of devotion ...

Read more about the Ethiopian Church ...

The Eastern Orthodox Churches constitute a family of five sister churches: the Coptic Church of Alexandria, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, the Syrian Church of Antioch, the Church of Armenia and the Syro-Malabar Church of India . Among these five sister churches, the Church of Ethiopia is the most important because it has several tens of millions of faithful.

Since 1959, this African church, long under the authority of the Coptic Patriarchs, has become independent, now run by Patriarch Paulos. The Ethiopian Church has its own liturgical calendar - inspired by the ancient Pharaonic calendar and its own biblical canon.

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Religious Icon Fait main en Ethiopie - Commerce équitable

Religious Icon

Ethiopian Religious Art

High quality

Hand Made - Fair Trade

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Bible holder hight quality Fait main en Ethiopie - Commerce équitable

Bible holder hight quality

Religious art from Ethiopia

Hight quality

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