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Afar collection is made in Ethiopia of sturdy multiple ply canvas. Using a high number of fine Ethiopian cotton threads twisted together increases the strength of the fabric without adding weight. The warm natural look of the products is obtained by tinting with natural pigments extracted from the colorful african soil.

The leather is made of zebu cow skins, the ancestor of all bovines that is raised to work on the ethiopian highlands. The leather is a by-product as is collected only at the end of working cow's life. It has a very dense fiber structure and is tanned with vegetable auxiliaries to preserve its ancestral beauty.

The horn accessories also come from zebu cows. The horns of the zebu are stengthened by a long life in the harsh ethiopian environment and come with the beautiful veins in a variety of colors.
We recommend gently spot cleaning the bags and pouches.

Safari tote Bags - Women accessories - ethical fashion


Timeless, chic and casual bags.
Each bag of the collection is unique in its way and materials used as natural pigments.
Men's bags - saddle bag - backbag - computer bag

Men's bags

Between backpacks, bags or pockets for tablet, men find their happiness in the Afar collection.
Travel pouches - Clutches - Handmade clutches - Fair Trade


The clutches is the practical and stylish accessory. The Afar collection clutches are made from a cotton canvas and with hand-made prints. For a total look, you have to be accompanied by the bag of the same design !
The cosmetic pouches of the Afar collection are both stylish and practical.

Cosmetic pouches

The cosmetic pouches from the Afar collection allow a convenient storage of your beauty kit. Thanks to its adapted size and its water repellent protection, it is carried everywhere and is resistant to everyday weather
Toilet bags for men - Clutches - Bags - Sling bags - Fair Trade

Toilet bags

Elegant and practical toilet bags, ideal to store razors, gel and other perfumes!
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