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Always in agreement with its ethical concept, Dana Esteline choses to introduce the upcycling in its collections. The goal of the upcycling is to recover waste, here newsprint or packing of packages of cupcakes paper, and their giving new life, to create new products.
In Bangladesh and from paper packaging for cakes that our boxes, travel books and speakers have been made, offering a very colorful appearance and brilliant in the image of their designer Bibi Russell. 
The "special stationery capsule collection" playful and offbeat is made entirely by hand. " The work of the craftsmen of Bibi partners is delicate and pretty neat, what makes these even more stylish products.
The use of recycled material is environmentally friendly and gives the objects a totally unique character.
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Travel book Fait main au Bangladesh - Commerce éthique

Travel book

Travel book made with up-cycled materials


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